Hospitality Eyecare Center

a completely unique eye care experience since 1975.
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Our Mission.

To personalize eye care’s best services, products and technologies to the unique lifestyle and health needs of each individual we serve.

The Customized Hospitality Eyecare Experience.

In a world of assembly-line eye exams at most optometry and ophthalmology offices, Hospitality Eyecare Center guides you through a personally customized experience that is attuned to both you as an individual, as well as to your eye health, visual function and lifestyle needs. We want you to truly “see to live™” and we know that your life’s visual needs are as unique as you are!

Hospitality Eyecare Center’s premium eye care experience includes two complete sections: a fourteen point ocular health evaluation and a twelve point functional visual assessment, as well as a two part lifestyle customization. Dr. Tamano Fletcher will take the time to explain the results of your exam, as well as to make understandable recommendations for your specific needs, taking into account her vast knowledge of the ever-changing array of available options.

We are a comprehensive care center and, in addition to customized examinations, we provide eyeglass frames to meet any need and any budget, sunglasses, contact lenses, eye surgery and Lasik care, eye disease treatment (including dry eye treatment), behavioral vision care and Vision Therapy, Computer Vision Syndrome assessment and treatment and even instrumentation new to our office, such as a Topcon Digital Retinal camera and the Essilor Visioffice System.

Exceptional Eye Care Since 1975.

We have provided exceptional eye care for the Inland Empire since 1975. It has been our pleasure to serve the eye care needs of Loma Linda, Redlands, Highland, Yucaipa, Grand Terrace, Calimesa, Riverside, Colton, San Bernardino, Mentone, Forest Falls, and Moreno Valley. Our doctors have years of experience providing the highest level comprehensive vision and eye health care!

Dr. Kaseno opened the practice back in 1975. His passion for his work and for providing Vision Therapy for patients with eye movement and functionality problems brought amazing growth to the fledgling office and created a rich tradition of unparalleled care and quality which is still with us today.

Dr. Parisi joined Dr. Kaseno and worked closely with him until his retirement. In 2007, she passed the baton to Dr. Cynthia Corbett. Dr. Corbett continued the tradition of providing exceptional care and patient satisfaction until deciding to move back to Canada. In 2012, Dr. Glorilyn Tamano Fletcher joined the practice. Dr. Tamano Fletcher, born and raised in the Loma Linda/Redlands area, brings her enthusiasm for excellent patient care and strives to help each person “see to live (TM)” in every area of visual demand - be it a sport, hours of computer use or a favorite hobby.